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About Us


Pigeon Racing Webshop has been strongly dedicated over the past 25 years to support the recovery and preparation of racing pigeons. During this period we have been delivered countless courses for breeders in the Central European Veterinary Center, while we have also created partnership with top quality racing pigeon treatment manufacturers.

One of the most important cornerstone of our approach is hygiene, however we consider disease prevention as much important as treatment of diseases. We believe, that treatment plans must be carried out based on precise diagnosis.

We only distribute high quality products, where all of the manufacturers produce their products according to the GMP standards.

With these products, your racing pigeons can be treated individually thanks to the capsule format which ensures precise dosing, and lowers the probability of making mistakes during the treatment.

We also provide supplementary products for you, which can help further optimizing the recovery and regeneration. Some of these products are specifically selected for racing periods.

Thank you for visiting our website and we wish you a pleasant time.

with Best Regards,

Pigeon Racing Webshop team