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Doxycyclin 10% - 100 g

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Package of 100 g water soluble powder
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Water-soluble powder
COMPOSITIONDoxycycline hydrochloride10 gExcipients (dextrose/lactose) up to100 g
INDICATIONSIn all the primary or secondary ailments of the respiratory, digestive and urinary apparatus, induced by doxycycline sensitive germs. Treatment of bronchopneumonia, enteritis, nephritis.
ADVERSE REACTIONSSeldom vomiting, diarrhea or digestive secondary infections may occur.
SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS FOR STORAGEKeep out of the reach and sight of children!Store below 25 ºC in the original container.Do not use after the expiry date stated on the label.
METHOD OF ADMINISTRATIONIn pigeons, the medicine is administered daily in dose of 1 g per 6.6 kg of body weight via the drinking water (preferable distilled water), for 5–6 days.
ADVICE ON CORRECT ADMINISTRATIONDissolve the Doxycycline powder in the drinking water. Divide the prescribed daily dose in two portions and give them 12 hours apart, in freshly prepared solution.
SPECIAL WARNINGSAs the product belongs to the tetracyclines group, it should not be used simultaneously with antacids or salts of some metals (Al, Ca, Mg, Fe).

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