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Enrofloxan 10% - 100 ml

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Bottle of 100 ml drinking solution
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Enrofloxacin is a broad spectrum chemo­thera­peutic racing pigeon treatment with antimicrobial action against Gram-positive and Gram-negative germs.
For drinking water.


  • For the treatment of mycoplasmosis, salmonellosis, pasteurellosis, infectious coryza produced by bacteria, mycoplasma and Chlamydia in pigeons.


  • Compared with the rest of quinolones, ­enrofloxacin has the lowest toxicity.
  • The germicide action occurs by ­inhibition of DNA-gyrase invol­ved in synthesis of nucleic acids; thus the death of bacterial cell is induced.


  • Enrofloxacin 10 g / 100 ml.
  • Excipients (sodium hydroxide, distilled water) up to 100 ml.


When?How often?How much?Yield

Against Gram-positive and Gram-negative germs.

For 5 - 6 days, daily.

1 ml / liter of drinking water / day.

Solution should be prepared daily with fresh drinking water.


The drinking water should be medicated during the entire treatment period.
Do not use simultaneously with chloramphenicol, macrolides, tetracycline, theophylline and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory.
Use of the product ignoring or deviating from the SPC provisions may increase the bacterial antibiotic resistance to fluoroquinolones and may decrease the effectiveness of the treatment with other quinolones due to possible cross-resistance.

For contra-indications, side effects, interactions with other preparations and special instructions: please read the package label.

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