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Interesting Articles

Interesting Articles J. T. Lumeij, Y. Boschma, J. Mol, E. R. de Kloet and W. E. van den Brom Action of acth1 ‐24 upon plasma corticosterone concentrations in racing pigeons (Columba Livia domestica)
Interesting Articles Andy Hay Racing Pigeons and birds of prey
Interesting Articles Charles P. Shimp Short-term Memory In The Pigeon: Relative Recency
Interesting Articles Robert Epstein The Spontaneous Interconnection of Four Repertoires of Behavior in a Pigeon (Columba livia)
Interesting Articles Máté Nagya, Gábor Vásárhelyi, Benjamin Pettita, Isabella Roberts-Mariania, Tamás Vicsekb, and Dora Biroa Context-dependent hierarchies in pigeons
Interesting Articles ESA Hohtola, Ross P. Henderson, and Michael E. Rashotte Shivering thermogenesis in the pigeon: the effects of activity, diurnal factors, and feeding state
Interesting Articles Yasutaka Wadaa, Toshiyuki Okanoa, Akihito Adachic, Shizufumi Ebiharac, Yoshitaka Fukadaa Identification of rhodopsin in the pigeon deep brain
Interesting Articles Lucie Martineau and Jacques Larochelle The cooling power of pigeon legs
Interesting Articles Albert Craig and Jacques Larochelle The cooling power of pigeon wings
Interesting Articles Robert St-laurent and Jacques Larochelle The cooling power of the pigeon head
Interesting Articles Julia Mehlhorn, Gerd Rehkaemper The orientation of homing pigeons (Columba livia f.d.) with and without navigational experience in a two-dimensional environment
Interesting Articles D.A. Pass The pathology of the avian integument: A review
Interesting Articles G. V. T. Matthews Sun navigation in homing pigeons
Interesting Articles F.T. Scullion, M.G. Scullion Profiling Flight Performance of Young Racing Pigeons (Columba Livia) in Training
Interesting Articles Hans-Peter Lipp, Alexei L. Vyssotski, David P. Wolfer, Sophie Renaudineau, Gerhard Tröster, and Giacomo Dell’Omo Pigeon Homing along Highways and Exits
Interesting Articles Henry L. Yeagley and F. C. Whitmore A Preliminary Study of a Physical Basis of Bird Navigation
Interesting Articles Angela M. Berg Robertson and Andrew A. Biewener Muscle function during takeoff and landing flight in the pigeon (Columba livia)
Interesting Articles Charles Walcott Magnetic Maps in Pigeons
Interesting Articles Nicole Blaser, Sergei I. Guskov, Vladimir A. Entin, David P. Wolfer, Valeryi A. Kanevskyi and Hans-Peter Lipp Gravity anomalies without geomagnetic disturbances interfere with pigeon homing – a GPS tracking study
Interesting Articles Nikolaus F. Troje, Ulrike Aust What do you mean with ‘‘direction’’? Local and global cues to biological motion perception in pigeons
Interesting Articles McFadden, S.A. Eye Design for Depth and Distance Perception in the Pigeon: An Observer Orientated Perspective
Interesting Articles Anna Gagliardo, Enrica Pollonara and Martin Wikelski Pigeon navigation: exposure to environmental odours prior to release is sufficient for homeward orientation, but not for homing
Interesting Articles Charles WAalcott Pigeon Homing: Observations, Experiments And Confusions
Interesting Articles Zhongqiu Li, Franck Courchamp, and Daniel T. Blumstein Pigeons home faster through polluted air
Interesting Articles G. V. T. Matthews The Experimental Investigation Of Navigation In Homing Pigeons
Interesting Articles Beata Dolka, Izabella Dolka, Aleksandra Ledwon, Rafal Sapierzynski, Andrzej Koralewski, Piotr Szeieszczuk Investigations into feather abnormalities in racing pigeons
Interesting Articles Steven Mercieca, Bertalan Jilly and András Gáspárdy Connection among Body Measurements and Flying Speed of Racing Pigeon†
Interesting Articles Rebecca A. Dunlop, Michael J. Noad, Robert D. McCauley, Lindsay Scott-Hayward, Eric Kniest, Robert Slade, David Paton, Douglas H. Cato Homing pigeon flights change with confidence
Interesting Articles Jonathan T. Hagstrum Infrasound and the Avian Navigational Map
Interesting Articles F. W. Fitzke, B. P. Hayes, W. Hodos, A. L. Holden and J. C. Low Refractive Sectors in the Visual Field of the Pigeon Eye
Interesting Articles J. David Dickman, Matt Beyer, Bernhard J.M. Hess Three-dimensional organization of vestibular related eye movements to rotational motion in pigeons
Interesting Articles Graham R. Martin What is binocular vision for? A birds’ eye view