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Breeding Thomas M. Donegan The pigeon names Columba livia, ‘C. domestica’ and C. oenas and their type specimens
Breeding Jan Parrott-Holden The Budapest Short-faced Tumbler
Breeding Małgorzata A. Gazda, Pedro Andrade, Sandra Afonso, Jolita Dilyte, John P. Archer, Ricardo J. Lopes, Rui Faria, and Miguel Carneiro Signatures of Selection on Standing Genetic Variation Underlie Athletic and Navigational Performance in Racing Pigeons
Diseases H. Fernández-bellon, J. Martorell, R. Rabanal and A. Ramis Rhabdomyosarcoma in a racing pigeon (Columbalivia)
Diseases Maneli Ansari Mood, Seyed Mehdi Rajaei, Seyed Sohail Ghazanfari Hashemi, David L. Williams Measurement of intraocular pressure in the domestic pigeon (Columbialivia)
Diseases L. A. Beernaert, F. Pasmans, L. Van Waeyenberghe, F. Haesebrouck and A. Martel Aspergillus infections in birds: a review
Diseases L. A. Beernaert, F. Pasmans, F. Haesebrouck and A. Martel Modelling Aspergillus fumigatus infections in racing pigeons (Columba livia domestica)
Diseases S. S. Tsat, W. S. Yeh, Y. G. Chi and C. Itakura Force‐feeding and candidiasis in pigeons
Diseases Olga Amann, Merel J. M. Visschers, Gerry M. Dorrestein, Ineke Westerhof and J. T. Lumeij Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in pigeons
Diseases Gordon A. Chalmers An ulcerative enteritis of racing pigeons
Diseases A. Todd. R. M. Coan and A. Allen Pigeon breeders' lung: pigeon intestinal mucin, an antigen distinct from pigeon IgA
Diseases Jacqueline P. Jacob, Jack M. Gaskin, Henry R. Wilson, and F. Ben Mather Avian Diseases Transmissible to Humans
Diseases J.B. McFerran & B. McC. Adair Avian adenoviruses ‐ a review
Diseases Monita Vereecken, P. de Herdt and R. Ducatelle Adenovirus infections in pigeons: A review
Diseases M. Hess Detection and differentiation of avian adenoviruses: A review
Diseases Abiodun A. Adesiyun, Nadira Seepersadsingh, Lisa Inder, and Kenneth Caesar Some Bacterial Enteropathogens In Wildlife and Racing Pigeons From Trinidad
Diseases Lydia Teske, Martin Ryll, Dennis Rubbenstroth, Ingrid Hänel, Maria Hartmann, Lothar Kreienbrock and Silke Rautenschlein Epidemiological investigations on the possible risk of distribution of zoonotic bacteria through apparently healthy homing pigeons
Diseases Frantisek Zigo, Ladislav Takac, Martina Zigova, Jana Takacova, Milan Vasi Occurrence of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacterial Strains Isolated in Carrier Pigeons during the Race Season
Diseases Ornithosis, Parrot Fever Psittacosis / Avian Chlamydiosis
Diseases M.-E. Krautwald-Junghanns, J. Stolze, V. Schmidt, J. Böhme, K. Sachse, K. Cramer Efficacy of doxycycline for treatment of chlamydiosis in flocks of racing and fancy pigeons
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Diseases Taher Harkinezhad, Kristel Verminnen, Marc De Buyzere, Ernst Rietzschel, Sofie Bekaert and Daisy Vanrompay Prevalence of Chlamydophila psittaci infections in a human population in contact with domestic and companion birds
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Diseases Dirk Soike, Kim Hattermann, Kerstin Albrecht, Joaquim Segalés, Mariano Domingo, Cornelia Schmitt and Annette Mankertz A diagnostic study on columbid circovirus infection
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Diseases Jean Pierre Duchatel, Piotr Szeieszczuk Young pigeon disease syndrome
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Diseases Pankaj Dutta, Manoj Kumar Borah, Ratul Sarmah, Rakhi Gangil Isolation, histopathology and antibiogram of Escherichia coli from pigeons (Columba livia)
Diseases I.F. Keymer, R.H. Leach, R.A. Clarke, M.E. Bardsley and R. R. McINTYRE Isolation of mycoplasma spp. from racing pigeons (Columba livia)
Diseases G. R. Loria, A. Tamburello, F. Liga, J. Lawes, R. A. J. Nicholas Isolation of mycoplasmas from pigeons suffering eye lesions and respiratory disease
Diseases D.J. Alexander Newcastle disease and other avian paramyxoviruses
Diseases J. T. Lumeij and J. W. E. Stam Paramyxovirus disease in racing pigeons
Diseases Mengda Liu, Yajin Qu, Fangkun Wang, Sidang Liu and Honglei Sun Genotypic and pathotypic characterization of Newcastle disease virus isolated from racing pigeons in China
Diseases C. Abolnik, G.H. Gerdes, J. Kithing, S. Swanepoel, M. Romito and S.P.R. Bisschop Characterization of pigeon paramyxoviruses (Newcastle disease virus) isolated in South Africa from 2001 to 2006
Diseases OIE Scientific and Technical Department Newcastle disease
Diseases OIE Reference Laboratories Newcastle disease (Infection with Newcastle disease Virus)
Diseases C. Barbezange and V. Jestin Monitoring of pigeon paramyxovirus type-1 in organs of pigeons naturally infected with Salmonella Typhimurium
Diseases Lydia Teske, Martin Ryll and Silke Rautenschlein Epidemiological investigations on the role of clinically healthy racing pigeons as a reservoir for avian paramyxovirus-1 and avian influenza virus
Diseases Darrell R. Kapczynski, Mark G. Wise and Daniel J. King Susceptibility and Protection of Naive and Vaccinated Racing Pigeons (Columbia livia) Against Exotic Newcastle Disease Virus from the California 2002–2003 Outbreak
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Diseases P. De Herdt, L. A. Devriese, BrigItte De Groote, R. Ducatelle and F. Haesebrouck Antibiotic treatment of Streptococcus bovis infections in pigeons
Diseases L.A. Devriese, D. Gevaert and K. Ceyssens Streptococcus Bovis Infections in Pigeons
Diseases L.A. Devriese, E. Uyttebroek, D. Gevaert, P. Vandekerckhove and K. Ceyssens Characteristincs of Streptococcus Bovis Associated With Pigeons
Diseases P. De Herdt, R. Ducatelle, Cindy Lepoudre, G. Charlier and H. Nauwynck An epidemic of fatal hepatic necrosis of viral origin in racing pigeons (Columba livia)
Diseases M.A. Mohammed, S.M. Sokkar and H.H. Tantawi Contagious Paralysis of Pigeons
Diseases M. Mohan and Trevor Francis Fernandez A case report of Pigeon Pox-Histopathologic Diagnosis
Diseases Majda Globokar, Dominik Fischer, Nikola Pantchev Occurrence of endoparasites in captive birds between 2005 to 2011 as determined by faecal flotation and review of literature
Diseases P. Olias, A. D. Gruber, A. O. Heydorn, A. Kohls, H. Mehlhorn, H. M. Hafez and M. Lierz A novel Sarcocystis-associated encephalitis and myositis in racing pigeons
Diseases Í. A. Özkul and Y. Aydin Small-intestinal cryptosporidiosis in a young pigeon
Diseases Herman Peek Resistance to anticoccidial drugs: alternative strategies to control coccidiosis in broilers
Diseases Munmi Saikia, K Bhattacharjee, PC Sarmah, S Tamuly, B Dutta and P. Konch Pathology and molecular detection of coccidiosis in experimentally infected domestic pigeon
Diseases Balicka-Ramisz Aleksandra, Bogumiła Pilarczyk Occurrence of coccidia infection in pigeons in amateur husbandry. Diagnosis and prevention.
Diseases Małgorzata Raś-Noryńska, Maria Michalczyk, Rajmund Sokół Coccidia infections in homing pigeons of various age during the racing season
Diseases Michelle Reck and Thomas E. McQuistion The Anticoccidial Effects of Amprolium, Monensin and Sodium Sulfamethazine in Farm-Reared Chukar Partridges (Alectoris graeca) in Illinois
Diseases Sharmin Musa, Sharmin Dil Afroz and Hamida Khanum Occurence of ecto- and endo parasites in pigeon (Columba livia Linn.)
Diseases B. Boxler, P. Odermatt and D. Haag- Wackernagel Host finding of the pigeon tick Argas reflexus
Diseases Mohamed, I.E, Gehan, H. El-Sakkar and Magda, M.M. Moursi Pathological studies on pigeon trichomoniasis with reference to the associated bacteria
Diseases Mitri E. Shanab and James I. Peterson Polydipsia in the pigeon'
Diseases H. Alberts, W.B. Halsema, J.J. de Bruijne and J.T. Lumeij A Water Deprivation Test For The Differentiation Of Polyuric Disorders In Birds
Diseases J.T Lumaj Diseases Of Racing Pigeon: An Update
Diseases Scullion, F.T. and Scullion, M.G. Investigation Of Diseases In Young Racing Pigeons
Diseases Bob Doneley Pigeon Medicine and Surgery
Diseases N. De Francisco, J.D. Ruiz Troya and E.I. Agu ̈era Lead and lead toxicity in domestic and free living birds
Interesting Articles J. T. Lumeij, Y. Boschma, J. Mol, E. R. de Kloet and W. E. van den Brom Action of acth1 ‐24 upon plasma corticosterone concentrations in racing pigeons (Columba Livia domestica)
Interesting Articles Andy Hay Racing Pigeons and birds of prey
Interesting Articles Charles P. Shimp Short-term Memory In The Pigeon: Relative Recency
Interesting Articles Robert Epstein The Spontaneous Interconnection of Four Repertoires of Behavior in a Pigeon (Columba livia)
Interesting Articles Máté Nagya, Gábor Vásárhelyi, Benjamin Pettita, Isabella Roberts-Mariania, Tamás Vicsekb, and Dora Biroa Context-dependent hierarchies in pigeons
Interesting Articles ESA Hohtola, Ross P. Henderson, and Michael E. Rashotte Shivering thermogenesis in the pigeon: the effects of activity, diurnal factors, and feeding state
Interesting Articles Yasutaka Wadaa, Toshiyuki Okanoa, Akihito Adachic, Shizufumi Ebiharac, Yoshitaka Fukadaa Identification of rhodopsin in the pigeon deep brain
Interesting Articles Lucie Martineau and Jacques Larochelle The cooling power of pigeon legs
Interesting Articles Albert Craig and Jacques Larochelle The cooling power of pigeon wings
Interesting Articles Robert St-laurent and Jacques Larochelle The cooling power of the pigeon head
Interesting Articles Julia Mehlhorn, Gerd Rehkaemper The orientation of homing pigeons (Columba livia f.d.) with and without navigational experience in a two-dimensional environment
Interesting Articles D.A. Pass The pathology of the avian integument: A review
Interesting Articles G. V. T. Matthews Sun navigation in homing pigeons
Interesting Articles F.T. Scullion, M.G. Scullion Profiling Flight Performance of Young Racing Pigeons (Columba Livia) in Training
Interesting Articles Hans-Peter Lipp, Alexei L. Vyssotski, David P. Wolfer, Sophie Renaudineau, Gerhard Tröster, and Giacomo Dell’Omo Pigeon Homing along Highways and Exits
Interesting Articles Henry L. Yeagley and F. C. Whitmore A Preliminary Study of a Physical Basis of Bird Navigation
Interesting Articles Angela M. Berg Robertson and Andrew A. Biewener Muscle function during takeoff and landing flight in the pigeon (Columba livia)
Interesting Articles Charles Walcott Magnetic Maps in Pigeons
Interesting Articles Nicole Blaser, Sergei I. Guskov, Vladimir A. Entin, David P. Wolfer, Valeryi A. Kanevskyi and Hans-Peter Lipp Gravity anomalies without geomagnetic disturbances interfere with pigeon homing – a GPS tracking study
Interesting Articles Nikolaus F. Troje, Ulrike Aust What do you mean with ‘‘direction’’? Local and global cues to biological motion perception in pigeons
Interesting Articles McFadden, S.A. Eye Design for Depth and Distance Perception in the Pigeon: An Observer Orientated Perspective
Interesting Articles Anna Gagliardo, Enrica Pollonara and Martin Wikelski Pigeon navigation: exposure to environmental odours prior to release is sufficient for homeward orientation, but not for homing
Interesting Articles Charles WAalcott Pigeon Homing: Observations, Experiments And Confusions
Interesting Articles Zhongqiu Li, Franck Courchamp, and Daniel T. Blumstein Pigeons home faster through polluted air
Interesting Articles G. V. T. Matthews The Experimental Investigation Of Navigation In Homing Pigeons
Interesting Articles Beata Dolka, Izabella Dolka, Aleksandra Ledwon, Rafal Sapierzynski, Andrzej Koralewski, Piotr Szeieszczuk Investigations into feather abnormalities in racing pigeons
Interesting Articles Steven Mercieca, Bertalan Jilly and András Gáspárdy Connection among Body Measurements and Flying Speed of Racing Pigeon†
Interesting Articles Rebecca A. Dunlop, Michael J. Noad, Robert D. McCauley, Lindsay Scott-Hayward, Eric Kniest, Robert Slade, David Paton, Douglas H. Cato Homing pigeon flights change with confidence
Interesting Articles Jonathan T. Hagstrum Infrasound and the Avian Navigational Map
Interesting Articles F. W. Fitzke, B. P. Hayes, W. Hodos, A. L. Holden and J. C. Low Refractive Sectors in the Visual Field of the Pigeon Eye
Interesting Articles J. David Dickman, Matt Beyer, Bernhard J.M. Hess Three-dimensional organization of vestibular related eye movements to rotational motion in pigeons
Interesting Articles Graham R. Martin What is binocular vision for? A birds’ eye view
Nutrition, Feeding G.P.J. Janssens, J. Buyse, M. Seynaeve, E. Decuypere, and R. De Wilde The Reduction of Heat Production in Exercising Pigeons after L-Carnitine Supplementation
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Nutrition, Feeding I. Hullar, I. Meleg, S. Fekete, and R. Romvari Studies on the Energy Content of Pigeon Feeds I. Determination of Digestibility and Metabolizable Energy Content
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Nutrition, Feeding Dr. Colin Walker Practical Feeding for Performance
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Nutrition, Feeding Vargová, Zigo, Chripková, Toropilová, Tomko Influence of Peroral Supplementation of Selenium and Vitamin E on the Antioxidant Status of Racing Pigeons
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Nutrition, Feeding M. Baele, L.A. Devriese and F. Haesebrouck Lactobacillus agilis is an important component of the pigeon crop ̄ora
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Nutrition, Feeding H. Philip Zeigler, H.L. Green, J. Siegel Food and Water Intake and Weight Regulation in the Pigeon
Racing Gail B. Peterson, Ruth L. Wheeler, Gordon D. Armstrong Expectancies as mediators in the differential-reward conditional discrimination performance of pigeons
Racing V. P. Bingman, S. Alyan, S. Benvenuti The importance of atmosperhic odours for the homing performance of pigeons in the sonoran desert of the southwestern United States
Racing James B. Armstrong Raptors and Racing Pigeons: An analysis of Avian Predation on Dome Pigeons